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M/S M A INTERNATIONAL (Parent Company of Reliance Furniture): is listed among the major companies in providing products with quality material on reasonable prices. We have also excellent working relationship with many Organizations/Departments/Multi-National Companies through our local/abroad resources.


  • Outstanding Material/Quality of the product.
  • Reasonable delivery period.
  • Unbelievable competitive rates.


  • We execute the order for provision of importable products on FOR basis.
  • Importable products are supplied within a reasonable delivery time period in pursuance

Of the directions/instructions issued to us.

  • A reasonable rate of the products is our quality.


Our main motto and obligations are to fulfill all types of requirements of Government /semi Governments/Public Sector Organizations and multi Nationals functioning in Pakistan.

Our firm has been playing a pivotal role in this field with its utmost dedication towards customer satisfaction and has developed a very good name in the Market.


We have completed different projects of different kind of supplies of Rs. 612.000 million in the last three years and our company is capable of handling any volume of projects within the stipulated time period.

M/S M A INTERNATIONAL(Parent Company of Reliance Furniture):

Being an experienced, skill oriented company is capable of handling any volume of projects within the stipulated time period. We are interested to extend our business up to your organization. So we request you to kindly enlist our name in your registered/indexed firms, so we able to participate in the forthcoming tenders.

We have mentioned all the information/attached the documents, which you required and however if you want any other information/documents please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.