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Parent Company:      M/S M A International

 Child  Company:       Reliance Furniture

We supply good quality office furniture, on time and at the right price. We subscribe to a “FIRST – TIME – RIGHT” philosophy in all our business activities and we encourage a participative management style. We believe in the empowerment of our employees through appropriate training as well as through appropriate recognition of above average performance.


As a product of both our history and our philosophy as a company, Office Furniture Africa has consistently maintained the following values in striving to achieve its business objectives:

    We subscribe to honest and fair business practices, which puts the customer first in our company.

We believe in the development of our employees to the best of our abilities.

We subscribe to a fair remuneration policy.

 We support the right of our employees to collective bargaining as well as their right to freedom of association.

We believe in the right of Management to manage.


“We commit ourselves to serve our clients efficiently, explore new business opportunities, and we subscribe to a FIRST – TIME – RIGHT philosophy in all our business activities.”